July 31, 2005


It is natural, but when I returned home and openedthe door no one gave me a hug or a kiss.
I said"TADAIMA!" and my family said "OKAERINASAI". It is just a daily conversation, like "I am home!" and"Welcome home!" in Japanese.
As I have gotten used toliving in the USA, it wasn't enough. I envy Americanfamily life.

My father is old and traditional. He looks calm and reticent. I haven't had many experiences facing and talking with my father since Iwas a child. His dignified manner always makes me nervous.
Of course, he never kisses and hugs me. My American friend said "Try to give him a HUG and a KISS, and he might open his heart to you!" But I can't!!-It is impossible!

I have dreamed of having an AMERICAN DADDY, whom I can talk to as a friend.

I think my father is not good at expressing his feelings. I understand that my father loves me, so,maybe it does not make any difference between him and an American Daddy.

So I love my father.


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