October 22, 2005

Hello Young and Beautiful Lady!

One of our male members, a 72 year old gentleman,visited the Tokyo office last January. He committed to finding a Japanese wife very soon, so he reserved a hotel suite room, in Tokyo, for a four month stay. He had studied Japanese language and culture with a tutor, enjoyed Japanese life and been waiting for the chance to meet a nice Japanese lady. Originally, in email, he opened his emails with: "Hello, young and beautiful, Naoko." I felt embarrassed, yet gleefully smiled. Since no Japanese man gives ladies such flattering words, Japanese ladies are not used to it. However, no lady is upset to hear it. I like this kind of American greeting culture, even though he doesn't necessarily think I am young and beautiful.
When I met him at the Shinjuku Hilton, last July, he was already with his charming lady, aged 44.
Of course, when we made an appointment, by phone, he said
"Hello, how are you young and beautiful, Naoko?",
and when we met in the hotel lobby, he smiled me and said
"Welcome, young and beautiful Naoko!"
I am glad his dream came true because he actively and repeatedly voiced his desire.
His lady told me that she was so happy when she had heard his words
"Hello, young andbeautiful..."
at their first meeting, but she saw that he gave these words to all ladies, wherever they met, including waitresses. She said,
"I wanted him to say those words only to me!"
She felt a little bit disappointed, but she knew it is just a part of hiswarm hearted personality. Anyway, together they looked so happy. She came to Los Angeles this summer, and started a new life with him. They enjoy traveling all over the world together, now.
While traveling, he might say
"Hello young and beautiful..."
whenever he encounters a lady.
Whenever I talk withwith him, I say
"Hi, young and handsome....",
by the way...

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