March 17, 2005

Football - From My Japanese Friend Who Has an American Husband

National Football League (NFL) season is usually from September to January. They play Sundays and Mondays but don’t underestimate those games, for some unknown reason, men love sitting in front of their HD TVs with beers and chips. In fact, many men take “watching” football as their full time job during the football season.My husband is not an exception. He knows everything about the teams and the players. He religiously keeps track of all information known to man. To make things more convenient, we live in Las Vegas. During the football season, my husband and his buddies can be found at a Sports Book (sports betting area in a casino) all day on Sunday. They gather early so they can secure good seating and discuss on which games to bet on. Monday nights, my husband situates himself in front of the TV with his soda (no drinking during weekdays in our house) and watches the pre-game show, the game itself, and then the after-game show. During this ritual, the house is filled with yelling at the TV. It’s a miracle that the TV’s never been broken. This goes on for approximately five hours. In case your future husband is like mine, just keep this in mind. As long as your husband’s watching football, you know where your husband is. He’s not flirting with women, he’s not drinking and he’s not doing anything illegal. Don’t go crazy and ban the football experience from him. All it takes is a little bit of effort to learn the rules of football and watch it with him. I think all husbands like that. Mine does for sure. If it makes my husband happy for several months, I can live with it. My husband comes back to earth after the football season. He again becomes the outgoing, sociable, funny guy that I married. We do a lot of things together during the off-season such as hiking, skiing, and traveling. The group Chicago once sang that “even lovers need a time away”. The months of September through January are our time away from each other. Thus, life is good.


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