March 30, 2005

Drivers License

I have been in Las Vegas for more than six months; how time flies! At last, I got my driver’s license. Since I lived in a very central part of Tokyo, I didn’t have a car. In Tokyo, train runs every two minutes from morning to midnight. Besides, it costs about 300 to 500 dollars per month for parking, and 6 dollars per hour to park when you go shopping. You have to pay at least 7 dollars for driving on a highway (actually, there is no free way or highway because it is charged and you can not enjoy speed driving!) Also, you need to pay for insurance, tax, and the test to keep a car in a good condition every year. Actually, it takes more than 2000 dollars to get a driver’s. How expensive!Since I am an alien in the USA, it was a little difficult for me to get a driver’s license. When I took the written test, I asked the DMV if I could use an English-Japanese dictionary. However, they said I can’t. I protested that I had heard from some of my Japanese friend that they used a dictionary when they took a test. The exams are given in English and Spanish, so I appealed that it unfair. Then they said OK but I was told that I must ask them whenever I used the dictionary. So I asked “Excuse me sir, may I use the dictionary?” at least 50 times! Now have a NEVADA DRIVER’S LICENSE. I am used to driving now. I drove for 350 miles to San Diego by my self, last week. It is incredible that I enjoy driving on the freeway with my favorite music playing. I feel a little more independent and freedom in the USA.


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