February 25, 2005

When one door closes, another door opens

My friend, an American woman, in her fifty’s, single, (who has a son of 20s) met a man at the jazz bar in October. She said she was getting along together. I thought how free American society is! In Japan, women in her fifty’s can not have a romance very often. When she introduced us to her new boyfriend last Christmas, she looked really happy. Two days ago, I got a message, and told me that she broke up with him. I thought how quick it was! I was surprised because she said he was a undesirable person, and that she will never call him again. Neither he will. In her opinion “When one door closes, another door opens.” She said she has try to find the next happiness instead of being indecisive thinking about the past. As I am Japanese, it is hard to understand why it goes and change so quickly. In my opinion, I need a time to know each other if I were to have a good relationship. I would try to talk with him more and more if I were her and had some trouble with a boy friend.
Anyway, it is OK if she is happy. She also said that she is planning to have a date with her newest boy friend next Sunday. Love American style!


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