July 21, 2013

Surrender and the Universe Will Answer Your Desires

We had two happy couples who got engaged last month. Congratulations to them both! We are very happy for them!

One of the male members who got engaged, first became our FULL MEMBER more than three years ago. In the beginning we worked with him in finding his Japanese wife for one year. However, he was not successful. He didn’t renew his membership and he decided to try on his own.

After a year or so, he came back to MJL and told us that he would like to start with us again.

This time he decided to proceed with our service differently. He told us, “The first time I registered with MJL, I was trying to choose a woman. I think that is why it didn’t work for me. This time, I will try to be chosen by one of your female members. Naoko san, please let me know when one of your female members is interested in me!”

I really think that “LETTING YOURSELF BE CHOSEN” is the better way to find your lifelong partner. Unfortunately, most male members follow the opposite way where they try to “CHOOSE THE BEST ONE”, which is not as successful.

He realized that following the western mentality of trying to control the situation made things worse and did not bring about happiness for anyone. After this realization he decided to try the opposite way of “SURRENDERING TO THE UNIVERSE” and asking for assistance from MJL’s matchmaker, Naoko. This instilled his mind with a new outlook with trust and belief in other people and the world that things would work for him this time. And they did! This is the reason he finally found his life partner.

He declared, “Naoko san ARIGATO!”

I am so happy for both of our recent couples!

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