July 22, 2013

Moving to New Country is Challenging for Career Focused Spouse

We had two happy couples who got engaged last month. Congratulations to them both! We are very happy for them!

One of the female members who got engaged, is very focused on her career. Japanese men usually prefer to marry a woman who is a housewife type. So, it is not easy for a woman like her who has a successful career to find the right man. In addition, once she meets the ideal man, choosing marriage usually means that she must give up her career when they relocate to her fiancé’s country. 

In this situation, here are two possible solutions:

  1. The couple decides to live in his country. She gives up her career in Japan and start a new career in his country. In order to do this, she will most likely need to attend a university to obtain a degree or certificate. 
  2. The couple decides to live in Japan. He gives up his career in his country and he starts a new career in Japan. This may mean going to school for training or limits the number of jobs that he can apply for.

Fortunately, they decided to start a new life in Japan. It is still a challenging situation for him since he is looking for a job in Japan.

However, the most important thing is that they support each other and they are so happy being together! 

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