February 16, 2013

Share the Superbowl with Your Japanese Date

l asked my husband,
"When is the Superbowl?”
He said,
“What are you talking about? It was over a couple of weeks ago. Baltimore won!!! Didn't you know?”
I said,
“Well, we live in Baltimore, and I remember people were marching in downtown Baltimore with purple stuff. Oh, that’s what that was!”

Since, we don’t watch television I was not informed about this huge event. Also, I am not crazy about American football.  (Actually we do not have a television vecause we feel that television takes our time away from other worthwhile activities we would prefer to do as a family, and provides too much negative news, such as crime, murder, and so on. )
If you are an American football lover, FYI, we are sorry to say that American football is virtually unknown in Japan. Perhaps, most Japanese people think that American football is one of the most barbarous sports in the world. (Sorry!)

When one of our female members first visited her candidate in the US, he took her to a sports bar and he proceeded to watch an entire Superbowl without talking to her. Although she expected a romantic dinner with him, it appeared that he didn't care about what she wanted to do with him while she was visiting him. Fortunately, she is a tolerant person and she liked him a lot. Believe it or not, they actually got married after all. Perhaps, they were able to enjoy watching the Superbowl at home this year.

Anyway, since most Japanese women do not know about American football or that the Superbowl is such a huge national event in the US, it would be nice if you are an American man who enjoys football to teach your Japanese date about the game so that she will be able to enjoy watching the football game with you.

BTW, you may be wondering what the popular sports in Japan are.
Well, soccer and baseball are very popular as you may know. However, the most popular winter sport in Japan which many people find exciting to watch on TV is “Ekiden”, which is a large Japanese marathon race in January where the runners run around Hakone Mountain. The Google Trend Keywords tells that searches for the word “ekiden” on Google increased in Japan in January, while the word “Superbowl”  increased in January in the US.
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