February 15, 2013

Japanese Women Are Delightfully Surprised When They Receive a Gift for Valentine's Day

In Japan, Valentine's Day is a day for Japanese women to give chocolates to men to show their love. However, this holiday functions in the opposite way in western cultures. Also, in Japan, there is no religious meaning to Valentine’s Day, and nobody knows about the history of Valentine's Day and how it started.

Anyways, in Japan, Valentine’s Day is a happy event for couples to spend a romantic time together.

A couple of weeks ago, some of our female members asked me if it would be a great idea to send a Valentine's Day gift to the man whom she is corresponding with in the US. I said that I was not sure about the religious matter in the US, and I recommended that she talk with him about Valentine's Day topic in order to understand his thoughts.

One of our female members shares her story. She recently received a gift and flowers from a gentleman whom she is corresponding with. Since she has never experienced a man sending her a gift in her culture, so she was very surprised and felt so happy. Here are some photos she shared with us.

Her date ordered a delicious cake and beautiful flowers from a company in Japan. He found this company on the internet and was able to place an order since this company has an English language version of their website. Since the company is located in Tokyo, the delivery fee was minimal, saving him expensive international shipping fees or import custom issues.

She gave us a link to www.worldflower.com, this Tokyo gift company and I added the link here. How to Send a gift to Japanese Women
By the way,
She is looking forward to meeting with this gentleman next month, so are we.

If you have been corresponding with a special Japanese woman, it would be a nice gesture to send your Japanese date a gift through this company. She will be delightfully surprised!

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