October 11, 2012

MJL is Teaching the Act of Hugging to Japanese Women


Here is the picture book that my three year old son loves.

This is really a great book to teach us that a “Hug” is very important for everyone.

Even adults will find this book’s message meaningful!

I think a “Hug” is a great communication habit that western countries should be proud of.
And I admire that many little children learn that a “Hug” is an accepted and important communication tool.

Unfortunately, in Japan, we do not have a “Hug” habit at all. People just don’t touch each other at all!

We often hear reports of male members visiting Japan for the first time to meet his date, where they try to hug or touch her skin, and she is shocked and she shows her negative emotion toward this act.

It is sad, but it happens often.

In order for Japanese women to understand about the western “Hug” habit, I always tell our female members “Don’t be shy when you meet your date, so give him a big hug!”

For Japanese People, it might take 100 years to make a “Hug” a daily habit, but I keep telling our female members’ how great hugging is for everyone. One must always be optimistic!!! Sooner or later it will catch on!!!

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