June 14, 2012

Japanese Women Should Stand up and Say “NO” If It Is NOT Correct

Here is the “Oppai Pudding” which is the pudding shaped like a woman’s breast. “Oppai Pudding” is sold in Japan as a gift. You can buy everywhere in Japan at the gift shop in a major train station since they have many different version such as Oppai Pudding Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Niigata and so on. http://item.rakuten.co.jp/miyage-chaya/1027316/ It costs about $5 for two pudding and it is reasonable price. Some people say the taste is good!

When I talked about it to one of our male members a couple years ago,
he was a pious religious man, he got angrily to say,
”Why Japanese women do not complain about it?”
“This is totally rude and disrespectful to women.”
I was embarrassed since his reaction was not what I predicted and I agreed with his word. Most of Japanese women get used to be looked down on from others. I introduced about the word “GUSAI”  and I understand that Japanese women usually accept that their position in the Japanese society is lower than Japanese men.
If it works to keep their social structure peaceful and harmonious they feel that would be no problem.
Regarding an “Oppai Pudding”, most of Japanese people don't care because it is just a joking. If it makes people laugh and fun, that would be wonderful for Japanese people.
However, if someone sells the Oppai Pudding in the western countries, women must standup and marching around the government building or sue to the company which produced “Oppai Pudding”.
Unfortunately, Japanese women wouldn't do like western women. They just laugh and feel that it would be just a little thing which is too stupid to talk.
If Japanese women would like to live in the western country, they should stand up and say “NO” if they feel it is NOT correct. That would be the way to survive and thrive in the western countries.

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