March 17, 2012

Why Japanese Women are Not Interested in Your Money

“I am rich.”
“I have Porsches.”
“I own gorgeous houses.”

We recommend that you do not say these words to our female members even though you may be a really a rich man.

If you do talk about how rich you are, many Japanese women will not understand why you are saying this anyways and may be confused as to your motives.

They may think, “Is this guy looking down on me?”
“Is this guy trying to control me with money?”

Generally, our female members are NOT gold diggers or are not looking for a rich man to marry.

They sincerely became a MJL member since they want to find a husband to share their happy life with and they understand their happiness is not only based on money. Of course, in order to maintain a happy life, most of our members would like to marry someone who can financially support the couple with adequate and stable income. Obviously, our members don’t want to marry a destitute husband.

Actually, most of our female member's annual income is as high as the average Japanese men’s income. Some of them earn more than $100K. They can buy whatever they want, and they travel abroad a couple of times a year. They are independent and there is no financial issue in their everyday lives. Also, they never expect their husband to financially support her parent’s family in Japan. This is unnecessary.

The most important thing you need to know is that our female members are looking for TRUE LOVE!!!!

If you are also looking for true love, don't show your wallet to her. Instead of that, show your true self to her. Ultimately, a strong connection with your partner will lead to happiness!

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