December 14, 2011

絆 - Kizuna

At the end of every year in Japan, “The Kanji of the Year” is chosen. The Kanji of the year in 2011 is ”絆 KIZUNA” which represents that people are linked together who help each other.

There were many natural and human disasters in Japan in 2011 such as earthquakes, Tsunami, the nuclear radiation leak in Fukushima, Typhoons, and so on.
In 2011, the Japanese people had to deal with these many disasters. However, since Japanese people have giving/volunteering spirits, they took action quickly and they spent their energy to help and save people. Since, we are all linked by KIZUNA, everyone feels that we are one people. I am glad to know the Kanji of the year in 2011 is KIZUNA.

Here is the interesting article related to Japan’s recovery:

Here is the blog:

There are still many people who are suffering, and it may take another couple of years to be healed completely, but we can say that Japan is recovering. If you think you would like to help JAPAN, please just visit Japan. You will see many beautiful places tasty Japanese foods, and wonderful people in Japan. What you see when you visit Japan is the truth of Japan, and I don’t think it will be as bad as the media portrays the situation there. I think life in Japan is thriving in spite of it all!

If you visit Japan, you will experience KIZUNA and the Japanese spirit of giving. You will really know what KIZUNA is. And, your visit to Japan is a form of KIZUNA too.
I pray for Japan. Will you pray for Japan too?

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