December 17, 2010

“0% Divorce Rate”

離婚率0% のマッチメーキングサービス
“0% Divorce Rate”

We started our matchmaking service for professional men and Japanese women more than 10 years ago and during that time we have been instrumental in many people finding their soul mates through our excellent service.

The most amazing fact about our service is that we have never had any of our client couples divorce since we established MJL. Of course, we are very proud of this feat and think that it reflects the quality of our members and shows our commitment to excellent customer service, and we will do everything possible to continue this legacy.

Marriage is not just a goal. Rather, it is just the starting point. So, it is important to create real, happy relationships that will stand the test of time.

We pay special attention to supporting our Japanese female members after they get married since most of our female members are starting a new life outside of Japan. And they are embarking on a new journey experiencing a new and strange culture, perhaps for the first time. In order to offer support for our female members by helping each other, I organized MJL’s female alumni group for MJL’s married females.

Our goal is to keep our record of a “0% Divorce Rate” continuing forever and to offer helpful support for our many happy couples.

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