November 29, 2010

”The Twilight Samurai” is a Must See Movie if You Are Interested in Finding a Japanese Wife!

”The Twilight Samurai” is a Must See Movie if You Are Interested in Finding a Japanese Wife!


Many western men get interested about Japanese culture after watching the movie, “The Last Samurai”. Many men especially start dreaming about “KOYUKI”, a Japanese woman whom Tom Cruise falls in love with in the movie. KOYUKI is beautiful, lovely, and traditional, especially in the way she shows her loyalty to a man.

ラストサムライが上映されていたのと同じ時期に、”The Twilight Samurai” という映画が公開されたのをご存知でしょうか?こちらは、ハリウッド映画ではなく、日本で有名な山田洋次監督が製作したサムライ映画です。
Did you know that another SAMURAI movie titled,”The Twilight Samurai”, was released at the same time as “The Last Samurai”? However, this was not a Hollywood movie, rather, it was a Japanese movie filmed by Yoji Yamada, a famous director in Japan. I like”The Twilight Samurai” much better than “The Last Samurai” because Tomoe who is performed by Rie Miyazawa, shows sensitive Japanese woman’s traits, especially in how she respects a man. In”The Twilight Samurai”there is not a gorgeous and exaggerated ending scene like in Hollywood movies, rather you will see a lovely romantic ending scene that will melt your heart and give you a nice warm feeling.

”The Twilight Samurai” ラストサムライほど海外でプロモーションはされていませんでしたが、2003年のアカデミー賞の外国映画部門にもノミネートされています。日本文化が好きな方、日本人女性と結婚を希望されていらっしゃる方には、是非ご覧いただきたい映画のひとつです。
”The Twilight Samurai” was not largely marketed outside of Japan like “The Last Samurai” was, but in spite of this, it was nominated for Best Foreign Movie by the Academy Awards in 2003. If you like Japanese culture and you are interested in finding a Japanese wife, ”The Twilight Samurai” is a MUST SEE!

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