July 03, 2010

MJL Members Are Seeking True Love, Not a Green Card

We get many different kinds of questions about our female members from visitors to our website. Today we want to answer one of the questions we have received.

The question is;
”Are you sure that there's no female member in Meet Japan Lady .com who tries to get married just for a green card?”
There are some visitors who are worried that they cannot tell if an Asian woman's purpose to meet American men through the Internet is just to get a green card.

Our answer is;
"Yes, we are sure that there's no such woman like this amongst our members."

This question suggests that those who ask this kind of question still don't know much about Japanese women. Japanese women are often placed in the same group with other Asian women such as Chinese, Filipino, Thai and others. However, unlike many other Asian countries, Japan is a very stable country both economically and politically, so there is hardly any reason for Japanese women to flee from Japan.

We encourage our male members to learn more about Japan and Japanese women before they think about finding a Japanese woman as a lifelong partner.

The reason why some Asian women (not from Japan) will try to get married for a green card is because their economical or political status is so bad that they will do almost anything in order to get out of their own countries. All of our female members are very serious about their marriage and we are sure that none of our female members want to get married just to get a green card. We personally conduct thorough interviews of every prospective female member in order to confirm that they are serious about marriage. Only women who meet our stringent qualifications will become our members.

Our female members already have established their own successful careers in Japan. Finding a future spouse outside Japan means that they might risk losing their career. Still they are ready to take a risk in leaving their home country, since their priority is to find their special lifelong partner and start a family of their own.

Our Japanese ladies are seeking their lifelong partner outside Japan not because they want to escape from Japan but because they believe that their best match is somewhere outside Japan. Many of our female members appreciate the Western men's sense of equality and the more balanced Western lifestyle often lacking in workaholic Japan .

Getting a green card is NOT our female members’ reason for leaving Japan. They are simply looking for their true love. Maybe it's you whom they are looking for!

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