July 11, 2010


As we announced on our blog in May, we had a SPEED DATING (or more appropriately called Speed Introduction) event in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, June 26th 2010. It was a smashing success!!! Twelve men (four were from SF and one was from Las Vegas) and twelve women (two were from JAPAN) participated. This was our biggest event ever!

Our event was held in a beautiful Japanese named, green certified hotel banquet room, the weather was sunny and, I received much positive feedback from our participants.

Some people asked me what is a SPEED DATING event. A SPEED DATING event is an event that allows the participants to meet many prospective people who are also interested in dating, in a short amount of time. At our event, each participant met twelve people of the opposite sex in a six minute mini date. Every six minutes, men switched to the next seat. The end result was that each participant met twelve prospective dates in a short amount of time (a few hours). After that, we had mingling time, so everyone could talk freely.

I think everyone has more satisfaction with this style of event than compared with taking part in a general party event. The reasons are as follows.
1. Since our female members are all serious minded, their purpose of participating in the event is clear. They are looking for a future husband.
2. If it is a general party event, Japanese women are too shy to talk.
3. If it is a general party, both men/women tend to want to talk with the popular people who are young looking and handsome/beautiful. Unfortunately, people tend not to talk to the average looking people or see people's personalities in a party setting.
4. If it is a MJL SPEED DATING event, you can see our female profiles before the event takes place, and learn about the women who will be attending beforehand.
5. If it is a MJL SPEED DATING event, you still have the opportunities to meet with people with whom you don't think you make a good match. This is healthy for everyone to meet many different types of people and allows for surprises. Who knows, you might meet a good match with someone who you were not interested based solely upon their profile.
6. If it is a MJL SPEED DATING event, you do not have to feel any pressure or embarrassment about asking for a person's contact info, since MJL handles this for you. We have a convenient form for you to fill out where you list the people you would like to meet again, and MJL handles the introductions after the event.

It was our first experience with a speed dating event. We learned a lot, and we appreciate that our participants gave us wonderful feedback. We will improve and plan our next SPEED DATING or other events in TOKYO and NY.

I hope a lot of gentlemen who are looking for a Japanese wife will join our next MJL EVENT!

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