April 18, 2010

Wedding in JAPAN

We just announced the news of the engagement of Mr. D and Miss S! We had another client couple who had a wedding ceremony in JAPAN on April 19th.

Congratulations to Mr. R and Miss M!!!

I met Miss M at our office a long time ago. I cannot remember exactly, but most likely at least 5 years have passed since she became a member. She has unique experiences such as working in Africa and a high education background. After returning from Africa, she chose to work in a university at a good position as she attended classes toward her Masters degree at the same time. This meant that she wanted to stay in TOKYO for a couple more years. However, she believed that her future husband was not in Japan. I think mature women like her prefer to meet mature, respectful men. They don’t believe that in JAPAN, it is easy to find a lifelong partner whose level of intelligence is the same as they expected. Anyway, Miss M had been looking for such a man.

I met Mr. R in Baltimore right after I got married and moved here in winter 2007. He drove more than 2 hours to meet me in Baltimore, so that I would be able to introduce him to a wonderful Japanese wife based upon his needs and personality. I felt that he was SERIOUS and intelligent. So I introduced him to Miss M, and they started corresponding. Repeating their visits to Japan and the US, they have been creating a good relationship little by little.

He was very patient, since he had to wait until she got her Masters degree in March 2010. I am glad that he understood that it was very important for Miss M to get her Masters since this will give her more options once she moves to the US. He proposed and she accepted. They have been getting ready for having a marriage ceremony in JAPAN on April 18th. His parents also traveled to Japan to attend the wedding ceremony. They are very happy, too!!!

Mr. R and Miss M, I am very happy for you both and your families!

It may have taken a while, but patience has its reward!!!

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