April 16, 2010


We have received happy news from our client couple, Mr.D and Miss S. They were engaged last week when Mr. D visited Japan. I remember that he told us that he likes traveling to Japan every year in April to see SAKURA (Cherry Blossoms). This year, he gave her an engagement ring under the pink cherry blossom petals showers. They both enjoy Sakura together very much and this year’s will be a wonderful memory! They made their dream come true! Congratulations to you both!

Last June, when we had a Meet Japan Lady Event in Los Angeles, he attended to say hello to us. He just started corresponding with her at that time. She came to our Meet Japan Lady Event in Tokyo in January 2010 to tell us that their relationship is great. So I expected that they were reaching their goal very soon. In their case, it took about one year’s time to be engaged.

MJL’s Event is not a speed dating or OMIAI party, but both men and women can learn about international communication. And I think it really works for everyone! We will have MJL’s Events the following dates. May 1 in Baltimore, May 30 in Tokyo, June 26 in Los Angeles, and Sept 19 in Baltimore. I hope to see many of our members at our meetups. Please read our website for more details.

I talked with Miss S by Skype yesterday to talk to her about starting her visa work. Since I am not an immigration lawyer, I prefer to just share stories of how past successful couples obtained a visa. We also are able to introduce immigration lawyers who can help our couples. It may be hard to believe, but it takes more than 6 months to obtain a fiancé visa just to enter the US. After getting married in the US, with a marriage record, she has to apply for a green card in order to stay in the US. It takes another 6 to 9 months to receive a green card. So, it can be very demanding work for both men and women to obtain the proper visas. After 911, requirements for visitors and obtaining visas became stricter because the US government became more nervous about foreign immigrants. So, please take care of her with lots of patience on your part for a while and eventually she will be able to come to the US in compliance with the US laws.

I am so happy for Mr. D and Miss S. Again, congratulations!

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