February 14, 2009

Green Baby was Just Born!

Our Green Baby boy was born on Jan 22, 2009.
The due date was Feb 23rd, so he came to us a month early.

We named him “YUMA”.
Although nobody in our family is Native American,
“YUMA” means chief’s son in a Native American language.

I like the name “YUMA” because it can be a Japanese name,
so it is easy for my Japanese family to call him.
“YUMA” means “SPECTACULAR, UNIVERSE” in Japanese “悠真”
And also it means “THOROUGHBRED” in Japanese “優馬”
I like the name “YUMA”, because it is an unique name in America.
I hope that when he is old enough to understand his name,
he also likes it as much as I do.

YUMA is half Japanese and a quarter American and German.
My husband said that he will teach him English and German.
I want to teach him Japanese!
He has to study hard!! Oh, poor boy!

Why do we call him “Green Baby”?
Because we hope that he is growing up in nature,
in our wild garden, surrounded by plants and animals.

We sent holiday cards to my friends last December.

And then my friend sent us the following picture!

We are happy to be given “YUMA”.
He is the most precious gift I have ever been given.

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