September 13, 2008


I became pregnant.
It is an amazing experience for me and my husband.

Recently, I received a surprising gift from a male client.
He visited Tokyo in May to meet one of our female members,
and he visited her again this summer to spend his vacation with her.

They traveled to Kansai area to see historic Japanese temples.
Then they found an OMAMORI, a good luck charm for having a baby safely, when they went to Enryakuji temple, one of the greatest historic temples in Japan..

Here is a picture of OMAMORI.

Japanese people believe that these tiny charms protect you from any bad fortunes.
There are some different kinds of OMAMORI which are for safe driving, for happy family, for blessing a newborn, for good grade, for business success, for good health, and so on.
You will get them in shrines and temples in Japan.

He mailed it to us as a gift, since he knows I am got pregnant.
We are so happy to receive such a wonderful gift!
Thank you very much.

Here is the testimonial from him.

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