August 10, 2006

Welcome Mom!

My mother is coming to visit me from Japan this weekend. Although she is 66, this is her first visit abroad. So she is very excited to see America, where her precious daughter lives. She is preparing gifts for me. I said, "You don't have to bring any Japanese foods, because I can buy anything in the Japanese supermarket in Los Angeles". But her suitcase has been filled with Japanese foods such as NORI (Seaweed), UMEBOSHI (pickled plum), some WASABI tubes, SENBEI (rice cracker), YOKAN (sweet bean jelly), and other things. Also, she said she put some moral education books which she wants me to read. I think I am adult, but to her I am still a child. I appreciate that she has chosen to visit me, now. I think it is a big decision for her. The last time I saw her is one year ago. We can not see each other very often, so I am planning to take her wonderful places to make good memories for us.
When I told my friends, that my mother is coming, they told me to pop in on them. My neighbor, Junk san and her husband invited us their BBQ party. I guess my mother will be surprised to see such a big piece of beef. Not only beef, but also will she be surprised by big refrigerators and everything else big in a big American house. The images of America in my mother's mind are of huge and crime-infested cities. However, because of my friends' help, my mother will understand where I am living is beautiful and peaceful with kind neighbors.
My friends have shown me nice places in Los Angeles and its suburbs. They have been good experiences to learn about the city. Although I have lived here for a year, I have only gone to and from school everyday. I haven't known there are such beautiful places near by my home. I visited Lotusland (
), Holly Hock house (, the Botanical Garden in San Diego, Crystal Cove, Marina Del Ray, and beautiful beaches. Another enjoyment is the variety of available foods. There are thousands of great restaurants in Los Angeles. Usually, dishes in America are bigger and more reasonable than in Japan. I guess she will be astonished to see such big meals!
My mother is coming this Saturday and I am ready for it. I booked fancy
hotels for her and I got detailed maps from AAA. I am really grateful that she and
I will be able to share such sweet moments in Los Angeles.

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