June 30, 2006

A Challenge after 40 Years!

I received a call from a male client.
He is 40 years old and works as a public servant.
He said that he is going back to school to become a lawyer.
He is thinking about selling his house and will move to another state.

I was very surprised.
In Japan, not many men in their 40’s think about restarting their life over.
A man changing his job is not a common case in Japan.
The society does not have a structure which is acceptable of people of all ages; especially, for people who want to start a second career.
Also, Japanese people prefer being stable than trying in different venues.

He said,
“America is a country where everyone’s dreams come true.”

I said,
“You can do it.”

Still, it is a big challenge.
But I believe he can do it.

I am proud of him to make such a big decision.

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