May 30, 2005

My Birthday Resolution

It has been an entire year since I came to Las Vegas; I have recently turned 37 years old this month. Do women age 37 sound old? It is the average age of our women members, can you believe it? I decided to try something new, so I started this WEBLOG instead of “What’s New?” simply updated information from our Japan site mostly, my opinions, and experiences through my American life. , I would like you to share this BLOG, and write to me your wonderful stories and experiences with Japanese ladies. Today, one of my friends baked a birthday cake for me. He put 37 candles on the cake and I puffed out the candles I was very impressed because I have never had such a warm hearted birthday. I had never experienced a man bake a cake for me in Japan. he decorated it with my name in Chinese characters! WOW!) Can all American men bake a cake? It was more of a pleasant feeling than being given a expensive gift as they do in Japan. Thinking about my Birthday Resolution, I would also like to reach the goal that many of our members desire, as I enjoy supporting our member’s happiness, and also enjoy my American life.

1 comment:

Riku Hejnar said...

Happy birthday Naoko-san.

Be happy,
because not only do you have new life with openess of mind
and living, but you do not in anyway look old. That is always good, for woman or man.
No, not all men can bake a cake.
I wish for you also to reach goal that your members have, because you have a good heart from all the work you do to make our dreams come true.
I have no doubt you one day too will reach our goal, and we will all be happy for you as you are for all your members that have reached that goal already.



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