May 24, 2005

Avocado and WASABI plus soy source

If you eat avocado with soy source and WASABI, it tastes like MAGURO (tuna). You could feel as if you were eating at a SUSHI restaurant. My friend taught me this way to eat avocado and I tried to tasting it. "Well, that's not bad!" Since then, I have always eaten avocado with soy source and WASABI. I taught some American friends about this, and they all liked it. Before then, they hadn't kept soy source and WASABI in their refrigerator. Soy source and WASABI collaborate with the different countries' food and create a new taste. I am proud of Japanese food culture, however, the price of WASABI in the US is very expensive. It costs about 3 dollars for just a small tube, whereas it is less than one dollar in Japan. Whenever my friends visit, from Japan, and ask if I'd like something from home, I say "WASABI please!"


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