April 13, 2005

Is She Japanese?

"Look at her, she must be Japanese!"
My American friend often makes this guess when he sees Asian ladies.
I asked
"How do you know?"
He answers
"I know."
I ask again.
"But how???"

Although I am Japanese, I can not actually distinguish who is Japanese if there are some Asian ladies and they don't say anything in their native language. But he says he knows.
"Japanese ladies are different from the ladies of other Asian countries. It is not easily defined, but the facial expression, atmosphere, and fashion are different."
"Does it mean that most Japanese ladies have the same Louis Vuitton bags, and wear the same fashion with no with no individuality?"
" Sort of."
"Believe me, I am Japanese, but I have never had any Louis Vuitton bag!"
We continued talking while watching her cross the street. A car stopped to let her cross, she bowed the driver.
He said
"See, she must be Japanese!"
" Yes, I am sure."
We laughed.


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