December 04, 2013

We are Engaged!

One of our female members recently wrote to us.

"♥ We are ENGAGED "

We replied, 


※This picture is not related to our members.

I remember that it was early June when she enrolled in our Trial Membership.

She and Luna, our Matchmaker kept talking.
And, she chose some candidates and started as a Full Member in early July.

A male client started communicating with her and visited her in Japan in the middle of September, and she decided to visit him after that.

Things went smoothly for them. They had been thinking deeply about each other and they built up their committed relationship with sincere affections.

It has been 5 months since they start communicating by email and Skype when they decided to get married. This was a fairly short time in our members’ records.

They will try to obtain a fiancé visa for her. This will take more than 6 months to one year to obtain which is an incredibly LONG TIME, but it is normal. 

If you would like to start searching for a Japanese woman as a lifelong partner, you can learn from this example as to how long the process takes and figure out what to do right now.

If you have already decided “I am going to be married in 2014”, please take action now!

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