January 07, 2014

Do you Plan to Visit Japan in 2014?

♥ Happy New Year 

We started our work at MJL this year on Monday, January 6th, 2014.

As you may know, in Japan, New Year’s Day is like the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays in the US. Many Japanese people take a long vacation, travel abroad, or spend time with their families.

Many Japanese people are shocked to learn that after the New Year’s Eve celebrations, life goes on as ordinary for most Americans.

Anyways, since now is the starting point of the year, you may have made some New Year’s resolutions.
Perhaps, one of your New Year’s Resolutions was…
“I will marry a Japanese woman this year!”
That’s great!

If so, you may have already planned to visit Japan this year.

As part of MJL’s membership program, all of our male members look forward to visiting Japan for their first meeting with our delightful female members. As our service becomes more popular, we had many male members visit our Tokyo office to have meetings with our female members last year. Especially, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve we had a MEETINGS RUSH. We had many meetings every weekend.

In early December, one of our female members met a gentleman from SF in Tokyo. Their meeting was successful and right afterwards he invited her to visit SF. They visited our sister company’s office and invited one of their staff members to lunch.

They look so happy!

We look forward to hearing wonderful news soon!

Take Action for Positive Change!

Some of our male members say that they are not ready to visit Japan. If it has taken more than 3-6 months since you started communicating with our female member or members, it would be better to plan to visit Japan as soon as possible this year. Otherwise, our female members won’t believe that you are really sincere, and they are likely to move on to another man. Women who are over thirty five years old are especially serious about getting married now. They look for men who are serious and will not wait for men who do not take action for more than a year.

So, if your New Year’s Resolution is to marry a Japanese woman this year, here is our sage advice that will help you fulfill your dream. Decide to visit Japan this year and meet our lovely Japanese female member or members. If you truly want to marry a Japanese woman this year, it is truly possible, and the best way to make this dream a reality is to visit Japan. Meeting our female members face to face helps immensely with knowing whether she is the right person for you and vice versa.

Life is about going after opportunities when you can and not waiting for them to come to you! Your life awaits you here in Japan! Go for it today!

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