November 19, 2013

Find an Honest Japanese Woman

Our family drives to Pennsylvania about every three weeks in order to get fresh spring water. It 
is about a 40 minutes’ drive from Baltimore, and it is great to breathe fresh air and feel peace in rural Pennsylvania.

The owner of the spring provides spring water for free, so many people in the area make special regular trips to fill their water bottles and enjoy the fresh water. The owner also sometimes sells fresh eggs produced by their own chickens.

Yesterday, when we were filling water in our sixteen bottles, a woman rushed in to get a dozen 
eggs. There are no people to collect money for the egg sales, but there is a payment box to 
make a payment. She placed some money into the box and left. I felt happy because she was 

We have the same system in the countryside in Japan. Farmers sell produce along the street 
without anyone collecting money; there are simply collection boxes. I believe that there is a 
mutual trust between farmers and customers, and it works well, and I am grateful to know that 
there are many honest people on earth.

I found an interesting topic: Honest Tea tests the honesty of the citizens in many cities in the US by placing unmanned kiosks 

Please read this article to see the results:

The top 5 results for the percentage of citizens who are honest for 2013:

Oakland, CA 100%
Salt Lake City 100%
Boulder, CO 99%
San Francisco, CA 97%
Seaside Heights, NJ 97%

The National Honest Index

Basically, I believe that all people are honest. Especially, when I meet someone in person, I talk 
honestly and I try to feel his or her honesty. 

If you are honest, honest people will come to you. That’s what I believe. If you would like to meet 
an honest Japanese woman as a lifelong partner, being honest is the key. 

By the way, my name Naoko means “Honest Child”. My grandfather gave me this wonderful 
name. In order to appreciate my grandfather’s love and respect him, I have tried to be honest to 
everyone my whole life.

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