June 23, 2013

How Our “Two Weeks Reply Rule” Works - Being Responsible Is Most Important

We appreciate that most of our male and female members are very responsible since they are NOT looking for boyfriends/girlfriends but they are sincerely looking for their lifelong partner.

However, some members do not communicate with us or other members for a long time. This does not create a trusting environment and creates confusion among our other members. We truly need members whose priority is finding their future partner. 

So, we have decided to implement a new rule called “Two Weeks Reply Rule” for all members. 

Here is how it works. If we haven’t received a reply from a member within two weeks, your status will be changed to an “inactive” member, and your profile will be turned off until you contact us. It means that you will not be able to browse our members’ detailed profiles nor communicate with them. However, we are still open to you whenever you have time to talk with us.

Also, if our male members do not reply to a contact request from one of our female members within two weeks, we will automatically send a “decline” reply to her. In addition, your account will be changed to an “inactive” member until you contact us.

We believe that this new “Two Weeks Reply Rule” will create clear communication and fairness for all of our members.

We believe that being responsible is a most important quality in creating a harmonious relationship.

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