June 21, 2013

A Friend Relationship Does Not Exist If You Are Looking for a Lifelong Partner

When men decline having relationships with women, they think they should be polite so they say, “I would like to be your friend.”

Men believe that they are being kind to women by offering friendship, but in reality being friends creates unfortunate situations where women are still expecting men to come back to them even though the men have moved on.

If you are no longer interested in her, it would be better to clearly say “NO” to her.  You may feel guilty or feel bad in the short term, but in the long term your clear word of “NO” will encourage her to move on and find someone else. 

Some men keep women as friends, but if you are really looking for a future wife, having many girlfriends doesn’t make sense. Keeping in touch with women whom you do not really love makes trouble between you and a woman you love or you are going to love. She may feel disloyal to a you if you keep many women as friends.

If you would like to meet the right woman, say “NO” to the woman you do not feel any chemistry with and close the door firmly, and move on as soon as possible. Erase her email address, remove her as a Facebook friend,  and remove her from  your online social network. In this way you are clearly starting that you are ready for a new woman to come into your life.

It might be hard for you, but it is the best way and quickest way to find the right woman for you.

When you decline, stop making FRIEND RELATIONSHIPS and you will find your ONE and ONLY soon.

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