August 28, 2012

Success Will Be Yours If You Prioritize Finding a Japanese Wife

A prominent business book states that there are 4 different categories for organizing your daily chores.

1. Urgent and Important.
2. Urgent but NOT important
3. Important but NOT urgent
4. Not Important or urgent

If you focus on doing the daily chores which are urgent and important, you will complete many agendas in a day, and you will feel more confident and satisfied.

Through my 12 year matchmaking career, many of male members who are professional may put the “Finding Japanese Wife Project” into the category of “Important but NOT urgent” category. This is unfortunate since it means that your dream of marrying a Japanese woman will not come true, or at least, will take a long time.

Some time ago, we had a report from one of our female members. She started corresponding with a male member about 6 months before, and she believed that her correspondence with him was going well. One day, she was talking with him on Skype with video. He didn’t say so, but it looked like he was buying and selling stocks at the same time he was taking with her. He also looked tired and yawned a few times in front of her.

Obviously, she did not like seeing this since he was not giving her his full attention and did not seem very interested in her. It would have been better for him to do the Skype chat after he had completed his work. Understandably, she did not feel respected or valued during this call.

Everyone understands that business is very important for professional men. However, if you have been a single for a long time and you truly want to create a loving relationship, it is time to give your personal life the full attention that it deserves. So, prioritize your love life and be fully attentive when talking to our female clients and they will appreciate you even more than before. Just imagine how much more fulfilling your conversations will be!

Most of our successful happy couples have learned to prioritize their love life in order to build a happy personal life. After all, what is more important than love in your life? LOVE is category #1.

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