July 08, 2012

Zappos: Tony Hsieh's Method of Delivering Happiness

 I have just finished reading the book, “Delivering Happiness”.
The author is Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos.

I was inspired by his method of Delivering Happiness.

He believes that all people who relate to Zappos, such as customers, employees, wholesalers, and others should be happy, and therefore, he has trained everyone at his company to treat everyone nice and with respect in order to create happiness. As a result, Zappos succeeded. And everyone that intereacts with the company feels happy when dealing with them. This company’s concept is very simple, has been very successful, and is a fundamental law of the universe.

In Japan, there are more than 20,000 companies which have existed for more than 100 years. More than 600 companies have existed for 300 years, and about 40 companies that have existed for 500 years. Amazingly, there is a company in Japan which has existed for over 800 years.

I think many companies in Japan follow similar methods to Zapposs Delivering Happiness, and following a positive company culture really helps companies to thrive for many years.

I remember about my grandfather who established his own company. He always appreciated his company's employees and he tried to make a strong team. His company survived an economic depression without anyone on his team being laid off. My father ran the company, and now my brother continues in managing the company.

I believe that my grandfather used a similar method as Tony Hsieh’s. And I hope I inherited the method of “Delivering Happiness” from my grandfather and father.

As CEO of my company, I would like to make a strong team like Zappos has done in order to provide the best service for MJL's clients. By creating a culture of happiness inside our company, MJL, the happiness will spread to everyone our company deals with too, especially our clients. In this way, we will create our happiness network. Positive thinking through happiness will spread everywhere! We want everyone to be happy!

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