October 05, 2011

5th Anniversary of Our Marriage

This is a private matter, but I would like to share with you that today is my five year marriage anniversary.
I am so happy to have such a great day!

I started MJL over 10 years ago because I was single, and I had been looking for my true love. I realized that my husband to be was outside of JAPAN, and when I was 36 years old, I left Japan. It was in 2004. I studied English in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. While studying, I was developing my Matchmaking business, and introducing many beautiful Japanese women to gentlemen in the US, Canada, UK, and other countries. I had been taking care of many male and female clients, but I was still single. I dated some guys, but unfortunately, I didn’t feel their objective was “MARRIAGE”. I focused on “MARRIAGE” since that was what I was looking for!

I met my future husband by accident in 2006. He was one of my male clients’ renters. How long did we correspond with each other until we got married? Our courtship did not take too long since we both had the same commitment toward marriage. He was also looking for a wife, not a girlfriend. Up to that time, he had been trying many internet dating sites, with very little results. He was looking for real love, and I was too. When we met each other we naturally fell in love. We were a great match! And I am so happy that we found each other! My life is filled with tremendous joy now!!!

We were married 5 years ago. We have a child who is 2 and a half years old. My husband sometimes helps my business, and I help his business, too. Through my marriage experience, I have learned a lot about relationships, which has helped my career as a Matchmaker for western men and Japanese women. And around us, there are many happy couples who met their spouse through MJL’s matchmaking service. I established MJL as a US based company which is called Kaiwa-USA LLC. Establishing a company in the US was one of my dreams, and I am proud of making it come true. I appreciate all my husbands’ support.

My next objective in the next 5 years is creating a strong network to support couples (Japanese wives and western husbands) in the US. Also, I would like to further develop my matchmaking service for western men and Japanese women.

I have been very happy with my husband. If I am happy from the beginning of today to the end of today, that is great. If the next day is same as today, it is fantastic! I am happy every day! I will be happy next year and for the next 10 years. I hope our happiness lasts forever!

During my 5th anniversary, I pray for my husband and me, and people around us infinite happiness.

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