September 22, 2011

Show All of Your Friends & Family Your Live Wedding Video: Recent Wedding in Las Vegas Broadcasted Live Video of Their International Marriage

One of our successfully matched, happy couples got married last weekend and had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. They chose a chapel in Las Vegas since Las Vegas is a popular place for both the bride's and groom’s family to visit. Many of their family members were excited to visit Las Vegas to celebrate the wedding, and they also enjoyed staying in a hotel with casino. That's wonderful!

Also, another reason why the bride and groom chose that chapel is because they provide a service which broadcasts their wedding ceremony on the internet. So, all of their family members and friends who could not attend their wedding ceremony were able to watch their wedding live online as if they were actually there.

Since it was a private wedding, I cannot show you the URL here, but I enjoyed watching their ceremony online. She was so beautiful, and both of them looked very happy. “CONGRATULATIONS!”

A broadcasting wedding service is a great idea for an international couple's marriage since both of their families and friends can all celebrate by watching the live wedding online from anywhere in the world!

When you find your Japanese wife, we recommend considering a broadcasting service for your wedding.

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