August 04, 2011

Warning: Facebook Users or other SNS or DATING Website Users Who Are Looking for a Japanese Wife

As people know, Facebook is the largest SNS website in the world, and it is easy to communicate with someone whom you haven't met. If you are looking for a Japanese wife, it might be a great tool for you to connect Japanese women since it is FREE and Facebook is getting more popular in Japan. However, you should be very careful about opening all of your information on your Facebook wall since Japanese women who are interested in western men also check men on Facebook.

One of our female members asked me about one of our male members whom she is corresponding with. She found him on Facebook and found that there are many Japanese women's photos on his Facebook friends’ page. She felt bad because one of his Facebook Japanese girlfriends had written on his Facebook page, and she appeared to be more than a friend. Our female member asked me if I knew who she this girlfriend is. Our member became suspicious about him and asked me if he is corresponding with any other women except her.

The man she mentioned is a gentleman. Under MJL’s membership rules, we recommend for both men and women to choose a maximum of 3 candidates to correspond with at one time. If there is no rule, people try to correspond with as many people as possible and this doesn’t usually work. Since we encourage men to come to meet Japanese women first, we understand that there are risks if a man chooses only one candidate and visits only to see her. That is why we believe that choosing a maximum of three candidates is a good number. Actually, corresponding with only one candidate at a time works well also and many past successful couples started corresponding with only one candidate.

Anyways, we are not attempting to manage anyone's life even though they belong to our membership. If they would like to meet more Japanese women, they can use the Facebook or other dating sites. However, if it is free, it usually everyone can see what you are doing on those SNS or dating websites.

I am simply recommending being cautious about what information one places on these websites as anyone can see this information. Japanese women are more sensitive than you may realize. You can say that she is just a Facebook friend, but she may not believe it. I have heard of many divorced cases (Not MJL Members!) resulting from what someone saw on Facebook. Many women easily become jealous, and once they start to be suspicious, it is not easy for them to relax since emotions can get fired up.

To avoid this kind of trouble, MJL is thinking about developing new screening and safety guidelines for their members. Stay tuned!

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