August 08, 2011

Make a Room For Her Before You Start Looking for a Japanese Wife


If you are seriously thinking about marrying a Japanese woman, please setup a room for her and get your house organized for your life with her before you start looking for a Japanese wife.


Can you imagine how sad one of our female members would feel when she visits you to find that your room is a mess, you have a roommate, there is no room for her to live with you in the future, and/or there is no closet space for her clothes?


Of course, you may say that you would make a decision if you want to marry her or not after spending time with her, so you have a plenty of time to organize your house and prepare a room for her, and it would be fine.


However, the best time for you to show her how important she is to you is when she visits you for the very first time. If you make some effort to clean up your house and prepare for her visit, your clean house and thoughtfulness will shine through and she will be grateful for your effort. Conversely, if she visits and there is a big mess and no space set aside for her, she will have a hard time imagining a happy future with you, and this might make it difficult to develop a successful relationship with her.


Here is an unfortunate example.
One of our female members visited a man who she was corresponding with. At his home she saw a pair of shoes and other women's belongings which she guessed to be his ex girlfriend's belongings. Although the man looked very professional on his online profile and photos, she was very disappointed by his living environment when she visited him.



After returning to Japan, she stopped corresponding with him since she felt that there was no space for her in his mind because she saw that he still kept his ex girlfriend's stuff in his house.


So, please only invite one of our Japanese female members to your house when you are truly ready for her. Please clean your house and make space for her in your house so that she feels that you are the person who can make her truly happy and you are the only one for her since you really want to make her happy.

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