July 14, 2011

Would You Like to Marry a Japanese Career Woman?

Would You Like to Marry a Japanese Career Woman?


Recently, I talked with one of our female members who is a doctor living in Okinawa. And, I had another interview with a female doctor in Shizuoka prefecture today. Also, I will have one more interview with a Japanese woman who is a dentist.


A typical female doctor’s annual income in Japan is very high and is typically more than the average income level of Japanese men.


Japanese men do not tend to choose a career woman as a wife. Instead, they would rather choose a type of Japanese woman who is traditional and wants to be a housewife.


Japanese husbands typically want their wife to be at home to manage the household, to cook delicious food for the family, and to take care of the husband and children.


So, Japanese career women think that they will not be chosen by Japanese men as a wife. However, Japanese career women think that western men are more accepting of their career aspirations and will not see a career as an issue. That's why many Japanese career women would like to meet western men. Recently, we have many Japanese career women who have become our members and fit this category.


However, a Japanese woman who is a doctor can only work in Japan since her medical doctor's license is issued in Japan. If she wants to work in her chosen career as a doctor outside of Japan, she needs to get a new medical degree in a western country again, get a new license, and start her career all over again in that country. To do so, is a huge effort for them and will take at least several years, if not longer. Understandably, most Japanese women are reluctant to do so and would rather continue living and working in JAPAN in order to keep their current career status.


Do you dream of marrying such a Japanese career woman? Would you be willing to give up your career so that she may continue hers? Or, conversely, are you able to support her if she gives up her career in Japan and moves to your country and has no income of her own?


Would you be interested in marrying a Japanese career woman? If yes, please tell us why or how this can work for you?

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