July 12, 2011

Beware of Tattoos in Japan


Having a tattoo is popular among the younger generation around the world. However in Japan, especially for the older generation, a tattoo is a symbol of “YAKUZA”, which is Japanese for mafia or gang.



A MJL male member, who married one of our female members through our service, has a tattoo on his arm. When he swam at the sports club in Tokyo, he had to put a band aid on his arm in order not to show anyone his tattoo. He was upset, but it is common in Japan that people who have tattoos are refused to enter public places, including “ONSEN”, a hot spring.


For the same reason, world famous soccer player David Beckham has to wear a long sleeve shirt when he plays in Japan in order to hide his tattoo on his arms.


I recommend that if you want to get married to a Japanese woman, it would be better not to have any tattoos. Most Japanese parents do not appreciate a man who has tattoos. If you already have one or more tattoos, please tell her honestly while you are dating. And, if you visit Japan, it would be better not to show people your tattoo(s), since some people are scared by them.

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