April 21, 2011


After the big earthquake in Japan on March 11, people all over the world have been very supportive and concerned about JAPAN and its people. I think the Japanese really appreciate the world’s support during such a difficult time.
Here are some articles which describe some of the warm support. Thank you and ARIGATO.

Due to all of the nuclear power plants in Japan, not only the people around Fukushima area, but also people in JAPAN are still in danger since earthquakes are inevitable all over Japan. Some people say that the Japanese government may be trying to hide information about the nuclear safety in Japan so the Japanese people do not panic.
Anyway, lately I have been thinking a lot about JAPAN and the Japanese people. The best thing that I think I can do for them now is to continue matchmaking for Japanese ladies as I am a professional Matchmaker. Actually, after the earthquake, we received a flurry of new female candidates for our matchmaking service. I have heard from many Japanese women who are now eager to live in a safer country like the US. Most single Japanese women live alone in an apartment. I heard many of their stories of how during the earthquake they were very afraid and lonely when the ground and buildings were shaking and afterwards they were alone in their small, dark apartment room! They realized that they do not want to be alone, and they really want to live with a nice husband in a safe country.
I want to support our female clients in finding a gentleman as a lifelong partner. After the earthquake, I now feel extra urgency in performing my matchmaking vocation since I want to help as many Japanese women as possible in their efforts to find happiness and stability in a safe country outside of Japan.
If you are interested in finding a Japanese wife, please take action now! You can help save Japanese ladies from danger!
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