March 12, 2011

Earthquake in JAPAN

As everyone knows, there was a huge earthquake in JAPAN on Friday the 11th of March. Many male members phoned or emailed to share their concerns and send us their well wishes for our female members, Japanese people, and even my family. Thank you all very much. Also, many female members wrote letting us know how they are doing. It looked like the biggest earthquake in Japanese history. I pray for all the people in JAPAN.

Well, we are going to Japan next week in order to have a speed dating event with Japanese ladies in TOKYO. At this time, we are still going to Japan and doing the event as scheduled. Most of our male participants are coming from outside of JAPAN, so some of them may be concerned about their trip to Japan now. I think the TOKYO area will recover soon, but it is best to stay informed of what’s going on in JAPAN. Please check for travel information, and when making your decision, please let us know whether you have changed your plans.

We will use this blog to inform everyone of any updates about our event. Please check this blog every few days to stay informed if you are attending our event on March 26th.

I was going to send everyone the event detail info today. However, we will send it later because of the earthquake. Please stay in touch!

I look forward to seeing everyone in TOKYO.

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