September 15, 2010

Wonderful Japanese Hospitality

Many of our male members visited Japan this summer to meet our female members. Before leaving for Japan, I often give recommendations to our male members who have never been to Japan on how to use public transportation from Narita airport to their hotel in Tokyo, how to get on a SHINKANSEN train, how to find a nice restaurant in Tokyo, and other travel tips in Japan. I will share many of those helpful tips on this blog in the future.

Most of our male members are surprised when I tell them,

“You do not have to pay a tip when you eat at a restaurant.”
“You do have to pay a tip when you use a taxi”

Amazingly, in contrast to most other western countries, there is no tipping custom in the Japanese culture. If you stay in Japan, you may feel that the quality of the Japanese people’s hospitality is high even though you do not pay tips for their services. Japanese hospitality is experienced in all facts of society. Many people feel that it is some of the best in the world, and it is FREE!

I am proud of the wonderful culture of hospitality in my home country. Most Japanese people care about people with compassion, and they are showing hospitality from the goodness of their hearts, not based upon making money, if you visit Japan to meet and date a Japanese woman, you may experience and better understand Japanese hospitality.

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