August 03, 2010


A gentleman in Texas was introduced to one of our female members who became a member last July. Soon after they started corresponding, they started an intense courtship and have been thinking constantly of each other. They have been chatting by skype or email more than three times a day. I am glad to hear that their relationship is fitting stronger, and now they are in an exclusive relationship, which means that they changed their membership status, so nobody else can contact them.

Their courtship lasted about a month which is the shortest time we have had at MJL. When a man and a woman are really serious about getting married and they meet the right person, their relationship moves quickly.

On the other hand, there are some couples who have been corresponding with each other for more than one year. I wonder what will allow these gentlemen to make a commitment. Whatever the reasons are, it would be nice to discuss with her about your visit to Japan when you feel the relationship with her is fulfilled.

Japanese women tend to be very loyal and wait for men’s commitment for a long time. I don’t want our female members to be like “Madam Butterfly”. Life is short! So, I want our male members to show their commitment and visit Japan if the relationship is great! Or if you do not want to go toward the next step with her, it would be better to let her know your decision now, so that she may get introduced to other guys.

The point is that if you are serious about forming a relationship with a Japanese woman, getting married within a responsible amount of time is something to look forward to.

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