May 17, 2010

Be Arnold Schwarzenegger!

I have been living in the US for about 6 years.
However, I am not good at doing daily chores such as
contacting bank or credit card companies in English.

The main reason is that the person who is called as a sales reprehensive is not too patient for treating foreign customers. They sometimes cut off the call on purpose when they don’t understand what I am talking. Well, I know it is my fault. If I can speak English fluently, it never happens. Although I am challenging to improve my English day by day, I usually make a list of those daily chores for my husband to do in order for me to avoid doing that.

One day, my husband said.

“Be Arnold Schwarzenegger!”

He said that Arnold Schwarzenegger is great because he came from Austria with having just 20 dollars. He succeeded as an athlete, a movie star, and a governer of the state of California! His English may sounds a little bit strange for American people but nobody laughs at him. He is rather be respected by American people because we all know Arnold Schwarzenegger has been making a great effort to learn to be independent in this country.

“Be Arnold Schwarzenegger! And you will be confident to do anything in this country!”

“OK, darling! I will.”

I try to call with believing that I am Arnold Schwarzenegger.
And I felt much confident after that.

I appreciate Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I appreciate that my husband encouraged me being Arnold Schwarzenegger!!!

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