March 31, 2010

For Men Who are Concerned about Her English Level

Many male clients ask if our female members are able to speak English fluently. Most of our female members graduated from a 4 year University or a 2 year Collage. In their curriculums, English is one of the major subjects which they must learn. Some of them go to extra English school to improve their English level. Looking for a lifelong partner overseas, our female members are at least making great efforts to accumulate their English skill as a community tool. However, to be honest, I don’t know what level of English our male clients expect of our female members. If their expectations are too high, it is unfair for our female members. So I would them “How is your Japanese Language skill?” or “Why are you looking for a Japanese wife?” As a second language, all our female members are challenged to communicate with you in English so, if you are a good listener, the level of their English language skill may not be a real concern.

Once in a while, there is a young woman, who comes to our office to have an interview, but she cannot communicate with our staff well in Japanese language even though she is Japanese. Perhaps, the Japanese language the young generations speak is not the same language we use. You may say it is a generation gap, but in such a case, we decline such a woman as a member since we don’t want to introduce a woman who is NOT able to communicate effectively to any gentleman.

If you are really concerned about her level of speaking and writing in English, we suggest that you email her everyday, call her everyday, let her go to an English class, and invite her to visit you in your country in order for her to get used to real everyday English. Language is not a big problem, if you and she face this challenge together, talking and listening carefully with each ones’ considerations. Communicate with her everyday, and you and she can build a stronger relationship step by step.

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