February 28, 2010

The First Meet-up

My name is Chris, I'm 37 years old, and I have lived in Japan for three years. During my time in Japan I have had some pretty bad luck trying to find a wife, or even a girlfriend, here in Japan. I have met a lot of women through my work and through friends, but nothing has ever developed between myself and a new acquaintance . I have tried everything from multiple dating sites, going to singles parties, and I have spent a lot of time in bars and clubs. For multiple reasons I have just not been able to meet a woman who desires the same future as I do.

Recently while searching on the internet I had discovered a small, but growing company, Meet Japan Lady. So after reviewing their website and the information provided, I signed up as a trial member. One of their best selling points for myself was that they personally interviewed every member, to make sure that they were very serious about getting married. This really impressed me that their was a company that cared enough about their clients to screen out anyone who might not have the correct intentions and feelings. Then I received an email about joining the company on their Meetup.com group page, which was announcing that they were having a meeting of clients who lived in Japan at their Tokyo office. So I sent in my RSVP, and on January 23rd, I headed to Tokyo for my first meeting with other Meet Japan Lady clients.

So I traveled for over 2 hours by train to Tokyo, before arriving at the meeting location. Since the meeting was scheduled a couple of weeks prior to Valentines Day, I had gotten up early, and made Valentines gifts of individual boxes of chocolate with flowers tied to them with silk ribbons. I had made about 20 of them, which was perfect because in the end there were almost as many people who showed up. I was the first member to arrive and for about 5 minutes I was by myself. The room was small and the white painted walls were pretty bare, except for a couple of posters and a clock. Down the center of the room there were some tables with names taped in front of the seats, one table off to the side, a white board, and a small office sofa. I took this time to lay out a box of chocolate in front of each seat and put the extras on the side table. As I finished, three female members walked in, and we started to introduce ourselves.

Slowly people started to arrive, carrying with them different snacks and drinks to share with everyone. Naoko arrived with her husband and some more members, as she said some quick greetings to some of the members. She asked everyone to please feel free to help themselves to the food and drinks everyone had brought, including some refreshments she had supplied. Everyone put together plates of snack foods and poured themselves some refreshments. Once everyone was settled in their chairs, Naoko started the meeting.

Naoko introduced herself, her husband Roland, Mr. Miyata (who runs the Tokyo office), and gave a brief introduction of her company and the services they supply. Her husband Roland then introduced himself, how he and Naoko had met, and shared some of their life after marriage (including a new baby). After Roland had finished, some questions were asked, and then all of the members started to introduce themselves. Each member shared their basic information, their current situation, what they were looking for in a potential spouse, and the future they would like to share with their new spouse. As each member finished, Naoko would always ask if anyone had any questions. Other members always asked questions, including Naoko. This continued until every member had a chance to share themselves with the group, then questions were asked and answered. There were even a couple of members who were actually well into the processes of meeting their potential spouse, and were very helpful by sharing their personal experiences with the services provided. Naoko then finished the meeting off with some more helpful information to help each member. After she was done sharing her useful information, the meeting was finished. So everyone helped to clean up, and then we were given the chance to mingle for a little while. Then, slowly people started to leave.

I attended this meeting as a trial member and I didn't know what to expect. I was pretty nervous because of my track record with meeting women here in Japan. I was also nervous about what others would think and say about my feelings towards my own personal experiences and my thoughts on the cultural differences. And, when I first walked into the small meeting room, I thought it wasn't quite the right setting for people to be sharing such personal feelings and dreams. But all of those first impressions and my personal feelings had changed by the end of the meeting.

They had been changed because of many reasons but most of all from the way the company is run by Naoko. From the very beginning you could tell she really cared about every member, and she really is concerned that members meet a spouse that will be able to take care of them and truly love them. To call this a company makes it sounds like it might be another cold and unfeeling marriage arrangement company, but it is not. It's very comforting that when you have questions and concerns, she is always there to help and answer questions. Since she personally interviews the members, you can rest assured that you are only going to be introduced to like minded women. This is not a dating service, where members are looking for just casual relationships or just rich husbands. The personal touches that her service provides, I have found to be unmatched by other agencies and dating sites.

I had traveled a long way and spent a lot of money on gifts for people I didn't even know, but I would do it all over again if it meant I would have the same experiences as I did with this first meeting. I found the meeting to be very helpful and encouraging. I learned a lot from the other members, including what to expect from a Japanese wife, their expectations from a foreign husband, and many other cultural differences. And during the meeting I could see the other members were just as nervous as I was, but everyone was so kind and caring towards each other, that by the end of the meeting everyone, had a very good, positive, and rewarding experience. Everyone walked out with a smile on their face and the assurance that we are in good hands with Naoko and her services. I honestly can't wait until there is another meeting and I'm very grateful to have found this company.

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