October 27, 2009

Are you interested in a Japanese nurse as a wife?

My friend owns a nursing school in Los Angeles exclusively for Japanese women. He said many of his students are interested in getting married to American men. All his students have already a RN certificate in Japan, and they are studying to get a RN certificate in the US. However, since the US government changed a key law that now limits foreign nurses working in the US, so his students can not work in the US even though they have passed the US NCLEX-RN examination.

The nurse students ages range 25-40.

Good points to meet Japanese nurses are as follows.

  • Since they are living in LA, meetings are easy to set up.
  • They can work after getting married and it is not difficult to find a professional job as a nurse.
  • Japanese women work hard, and they can help with supporting family since RNs are independent in the US, and they are paid well.
  • Their English writing and speaking abilities are excellent since they came to study in the US.
  • Since there women are professionally focused, they are independent financially and mentally.
  • They learned about health, so they have the skills and the passion for taking care of people.
  • As a profession, they are good at taking care of people!

    In conclusion, getting married to a Japanese nurse makes your family life stable, and your choice also gives them a great opportunity and confidence to work as a nurse in the US.

    If you are interested in Japanese nurses who are studying in Los Angeles,
    please let us know.

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