July 31, 2009

Do You Expect Your Japanese Wife to Speak Perfect English?

Some men ask me about our female members’ English skill. They believe that Japanese women who are finding western husband MUST have perfect English speaking, listening and writing abilities.

I say that most of our female members have good English conversational skills, however, as English is a second language for them, they most likely do not speak it perfectly. Thus, if you are interested in a Japanese wife, it would be helpful to be a good listener.

I think I should ask our male members about their Japanese language skills. Most of the men who require high standards of English skills for Japanese women have never learned a second language. They possibly do not understand how hard it is to learn a second language.

My husband has lived in Germany for two years. So he can speak German, but he never learned Japanese. However, he is a very good listener. He is never upset whenever we encounter miscommunications regarding the English language. He always listens to me carefully, and he gives me a hint of how to say it in English. So we find solutions together. Also, whenever we watch DVDs at home, when I hear words that I don’t understand in the movie, he puts the pause button on and rewinds and explains the meaning. I appreciate his efforts and patience. Because of his help, my English skills are increasing little by little after getting married. Also, my husband helps by proofreading my writings including the one you are reading now.

Regarding your future marriage life with a Japanese wife, I think that language itself is not as important as being a good listener with respect and love.

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