February 26, 2008

Our Wedding in Japan

My husband, his parents and I just came back from Japan. The main purpose of this trip was to have our wedding ceremony in Japan in the Japanese style. Finally, we had our beautiful wedding ceremony! We first got married in the US in October 2006. Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave the US until after I got my greencard in June 2007. Having a wedding ceremony in Japan was my parents’ wish, and I am happy that their dream came true.

I think it was also a wonderful experience for my parents in law. My husband and I each wore a traditional Japanese KIMONO first for the wedding ceremony, and then changed into a contemporary western dress and tuxedo for the wedding reception. It was the first experience for my husband and his mother to wear KIMONO, and she looked gorgeous!

Look at my big head, or as my husband says, “The Bird Nest!”.

This is the typical Japanese wedding style.

It was the first big event in our life, and it should be the last wedding in our life, hopefully.


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