December 04, 2004

Christmas cake

One member of American men asked, “How old do the most Japanese women get married?” I answered, “GOOD QUESTION!” There are 3 waves; first wave comes 24 year old (before 25). If she misses the good opportunity, she has to wait for the second wave comes 29 year old (before 30). And then, if she misses the second wave, she has to wait the third one. The third wave is not too big to surf, so the ladies over 30 are very serious in Japan. The ladies who couldn’t surf on the first wave called “Christmas CAKE” in Japan. It means that nobody buys the cake after finishing the Christmas Party. It is important for the ladies age of 24 because the Japanese men strict for women’s “use-by date”However, the Japanese ladies over 30 are energetic skillful, experienced and still young. I have a good impression that the American people don’t have strong discrimination against the age. People of all ages enjoy life in America, and that is why Japanese women dream about American men.


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